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Disclaimer: The following links are provided for information purposes only. The inclusion of links on this page should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by the U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc. Any concerns or disputes with a software vendor should be addressed to that vendor.  In addition to this listing, we do recommend that you have a look at Open Source Scouting related projects at

  • Bugle Call .Wav Files A collection of .wav files and images of sheet music for bugle calls from USSSP
  • KSCgroup Girl Scout and Boy Scout Software Only licensed GSUSA Software vendor. ScoutNet Certified. Software for leaders and youth members of GSUSA and BSA. Scoutmate also includes Merit Badge Counselor tracking, permission forms, fundraising, inventory, and more.
  • Race Manager Software It is an open source software application that runs on Windows, Macos, and many other computers. The code is also on the web for free download so that anyone can contribute and make it the best software available.
  • Rank 'N File "All of our Cub Scout and Boy Scout advancement applications will import ScoutNet unit upload data that can be supplied on disk by your local council! This means that when you buy Rank N' File, you can get the information for your unit, and the personal information for both scouts and leaders, and import it into Rank N' File. This will keep you from having to do all of that tedious initial data entry. Just plop the disk in your A drive, and click the button in Rank N' File. The upload will capture all unit data, and personal info for all the scouts and leaders, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, drivers license numbers, leader positions, current ranks, etc. A great timesaver! Another way Rank N' File keeps you ahead of the pack!"
  • Scouting Screen Saver Screen saver from Tovil Scout Group, Maidstone West District, Kent, UK
  • SRT Enterprises - Trooper for Windows "Trooper™ is a Windows program that provides an easy, user-friendly way for BSA Scout leaders to store and manage all sorts of information about their troop."
  • Troopmaster Software "Troopmaster Software offers a full range of Windows® software products for managing Boy Scout Troops, Cub Scout Packs, and Girl Scout Troops. The price of each program includes a site license for the whole troop or pack." Site also features software for Merit Badge Counselor tracking and unit finances.
  • Troop W.I.S.E. - Adult Training Total package adult training for a boy-run troop. Are your adult volunteers not sure about their role at meetings and campouts? Are you an SPL who can't run a meeting without adult "intervention?"
  • Web-Troop - Web Based Troop Tracking System "Web-Troop is your state-of-the-art Boy Scout troop management program. With Web-Troop, adult leaders, boy leaders, comittee members, parents, virtually anyone in the troop can update and access troop information. Information that is as up-to-date as the moment it's input! "
  • Wide Games Made Easy Looking for an exciting event for your troop? Let this FREE resource be your guide to well organized large scale unit level or district level events!
  • Who Wants To Be An Eagle Scout? Game "It's the hit trivia game show "Who Wants To Be An Eagle Scout?™" for you to play at home! Or use with a moderator as a troop meeting or camporee activity. For one, two, or three players. Show off your knowledge of Boy Scout history, skills, rank requirements, and general outdoor knowledge. Video mirror to a big screen TV or overhead projector as a great addition to a scout meeting, camporee or section conference!

Advancement Tracking Spreadsheets by Scott Selhorst (right-click on these links and save to your hard drive).
These spreadsheets track Cub Scout advancement under the current requirements.

Advancement Requirements
For use at the DEN level
Excel Format
ZIP compressed
Lion - Version 1.10
{revised October, 2022}
Lion_Tracker_v1.10.xlsx (204KB) (128KB)
Tiger - Version 4.3
{revised August, 2023}
Tiger_Tracker_v4.3.xlsx (329KB) (238KB)
Wolf - Version 4.3
{revised August, 2023}
Wolf_Tracker_v4.3.xlsx (348KB) (245KB)
Bear - Version 4.3
{revised August, 2023}
Bear_Tracker_v4.3.xlsx (344KB) (243KB)
Webelos and AOL- Version 3.4
{revised August, 2023}
Webelos_AOL_Tracker_v3.4.xlsx (632KB) (532KB)
Award Requirements
For use at the PACK level
Excel Format
ZIP compressed
Cub Awards Tracking - Version 1.7
{revised August, 2022}
Cub_Awards_Tracking_v1.7.xlsx (124KB) (69KB)
Summertime Activity Award Version 1.7
{revised May, 2023}
Summertime_Award_v1.7.xlsx (59KB) (48KB)
All spreadsheets in a single ZIP compressed File:
{revised August, 2023} (1501KB)

Scouting Software at USSCOUTS.ORG

NOTE: The following links are to some very old files which may or may not still be usable.
We've kept the links, primarily for historical purposes, but do not guarantee the programs will be of any use.

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